CyberSec Announces Exciting Expansion into the Middle East, Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap


CyberSec, a pioneering cybersecurity consultancy, is thrilled to announce its expansion into the Middle East, targeting markets in Bahrain and beyond. With a unique approach that leverages the skills of former world-renowned hackers, now turned defenders of the online world, CyberSec is set to address the critical shortage of cybersecurity expertise in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

CyberSec has built a reputation for excellence by employing a team that includes both a top cybersecurity lawyer and former high-profile hackers. This blend of real-world experience and legal prowess enables CyberSec to offer unparalleled cybersecurity insights and solutions, turning potential threats into robust defences.

‘As digital transformation accelerates, the GCC region faces a significant shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Our expansion not only supports regional businesses in safeguarding their operations but also contributes to setting new standards in cybersecurity excellence.’ - CyberSec Spokesperson.

The demand for cybersecurity services in the GCC has surged as businesses increasingly recognise the risks associated with digital advancements. CyberSec's entry into the market is timely, promising to fill the gap with top-tier talent and cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies.

CyberSec's comprehensive service offering includes vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, IT policy reviews, and compliance with international regulatory standards such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS. Moreover, the firm provides bespoke cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses operating within the realms of finance, government, and critical infrastructure.

With cyber threats evolving more rapidly than ever, the expertise of CyberSec’s team of former hackers provides critical insights into the tactics and techniques used by cybercriminals. This insider knowledge is crucial for developing proactive defences and innovative threat detection systems.

‘We are not just consultants; we are partners in our clients' cybersecurity journeys. Our expansion into the GCC is the beginning of a new chapter where we bring global expertise to local challenges.’

As businesses in the GCC region continue to grow and digitalise, the partnership with CyberSec offers a strategic advantage in navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape.


About CyberSec

CyberSec is a leading cybersecurity consultancy with a unique approach to securing digital assets. By combining the talents of former hackers and top legal experts, CyberSec provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protect against both current and emerging threa

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