MyFatoorah and CarbonSifr Sign Partnership to Drive Climate Action in Payments Across the Region


CarbonSifr, MENA’s pioneer climate tech company and the preferred climate-tech partner of Emirates Nature-WWF, has partnered with MyFatoorah, a pioneering fintech company known for its cutting-edge payment solutions. This new partnership is set to embed climate action into MyFatoorah’s payment solutions, simplifying the process for businesses and consumers across the region to contribute to climate initiatives with each transaction.

This collaboration will enhance consumer awareness and provide opportunities for customers to actively reduce and remove the carbon footprint of their transactions, whether it’s dining at a restaurant, booking a hotel stay, or purchasing eco-friendly products. Each transaction has the opportunity to become a step toward a more climate-friendly future.

Mustafa Bosca, Chief Decarbonization Officer at CarbonSifr, commented on the partnership: “This initiative is a pivotal step in our mission to make climate action consistently and easily accessible. Today, we already convert thousands of daily transactions into actions for climate, and MyFatoorah's fintech, known for its top-tier security and efficiency, will help us expand this impact further across the region, empowering even more businesses and consumers to participate in environmental stewardship.'"

Mr. Sait Halici, Chief Revenue Officer at MyFatoorah, added, "By partnering with CarbonSifr, we are integrating climate action into our fintech solutions. It allows us to offer businesses throughout the region the ability to seamlessly incorporate eco-friendly practices into their payment processes, something we are both passionate and excited about."

For both companies, this partnership marks a significant step in utilizing financial technology to promote eco-friendly economic practices that benefit both the planet and its people. As CarbonSifr and MyFatoorah advance, they continue to lead in the cause of climate action, ensuring that each transaction not only supports financial growth but also bolsters environmental efforts.



About CarbonSifr

CarbonSifr is a UAE-based climate-tech company. Dedicated to integrating climate action into everyday life, they provide technology solutions to measure, reduce, and remove businesses' carbon footprint. Recognized for its efforts, CarbonSifr is pivotal in promoting climate awareness and accelerating climate action in the Middle East. CarbonSifr is the preferred climate-tech partner of Emirates Nature-WWF and a member of the UAE Carbon Alliance and Carbon Accounting Alliance.

About MyFatoorah

Established in 2016 in Kuwait, MyFatoorah is a pioneering fintech company committed to delivering cutting-edge payment solutions with unwavering emphasis on security and customer satisfaction. Positioned as a leader in simplifying digital payments for businesses and individuals alike, MyFatoorah merges advanced technology with a user-centric approach, reshaping the landscape of financial transactions. With three consecutive years of recognition as one of Forbes' top 30 Fintech companies in the GCC and maintaining a local presence through dedicated teams across every GCC country and Egypt, MyFatoorah's combination of local insights and global expertise continues to define innovative payment solutions in the MENA region.

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