Anime favorite ‘Grendizer U’ returns to Riyadh after 40 years


"Grendizer U" World Premiere in Riyadh

The rebooted anime series "Grendizer U" had its world premiere in Riyadh on Thursday, marking its return more than 40 years after its first appearance in the Arab world. The event was held at the Roshn Front Vox Cinema and was attended by key figures such as Ichiro Okouchi, the writer of the new series, and Essam Bukhari, CEO of Manga Production Co.

Event Highlights:

  • Location: The premiere was set in Riyadh, with the city featuring prominently in the opening episode.
  • Attendees: Ichiro Okouchi and Essam Bukhari were present at the launch.
  • Global Launch: The series premieres in Japan and across the Middle East, with the first episode airing on MBC at 8:30 p.m. Subsequent episodes will be available exclusively on Shahid.

Statements from Creators:

  • Ichiro Okouchi: Expressed gratitude to global fans and highlighted the decision to start the new story in Riyadh. He mentioned that the series would also feature cities like Paris and Rome. Okouchi emphasized presenting the series in a fresh and distinct manner from the original, aiming for it to be enjoyed by all generations.
  • Essam Bukhari: Noted Okouchi's amazement at the Saudi audience's passion for "Grendizer." He highlighted the impressive viewership of the teasers, which exceeded 100 million views, showcasing Saudi talents' ability to compete globally.

Manga Production's Collaborations:

  • Partnerships: Manga has worked with Shahid on multiple productions, including:
    • "The Journey" – one of the most viewed movies on the platform.
    • Series such as "Legends in the Coming of Time" and "Captain Tsubasa."

The reboot of "Grendizer U" signifies a significant cultural milestone, bringing a beloved series back to life and highlighting the collaboration between Saudi talents and international creators.

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