UAE-Based AI Company Tackles Billion-Dollar Problem with Launch of VGLNT, the First Real-Time AI-Powered Truth Checker Seamlessly Integrating with Your Phone


(Abu Dhabi, UAE, 29 May 2024) – A milestone achievement in the fight against misinformation has been reached with the unveiling of an unprecedented instant fact-checking tool. VGLNT, the first real-time AI-powered fact checker that seamlessly integrates with your phone, has launched its operations, reflecting the region's commitment to addressing the global fight against misinformation.

With the rise of social media and AI, misinformation has become a billion-dollar problem, shaping public opinion and making it hard for users to discern what is real, fake, or AI-generated. This groundbreaking AI tool will empower customers to verify and validate what they consume online, helping them uncover the truth behind what they encounter. With approximately 300 million terabytes of data being spread online every day, deciphering what is true and what is fake is harder than ever before.

A recent report by Strategy& Middle East and Google News indicates a significant shift, with 68 percent of consumers in the Middle East and North Africa now relying on social media as their primary news source, and 90 percent preferring mobile access. Another study from MIT showed false news spreads six times faster than true news on social media platforms, signifying the rapid escalation of misinformation shaping public discourse—from influencing elections to impacting public health decisions. AI-generated content and social media dominance, where habit-driven sharing prioritizes engagement over accuracy, facilitate the rapid spread of false material.

"With the launch of VGLNT, we are stepping into a new era of media accuracy," said Mohammad Abu Sheikh, an Investor at VGLNT. "Our tool empowers users to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information they encounter."

VGLNT's instant fact-checking tool is an exclusive platform designed with a user-centric approach, offering unparalleled ease of use and accessibility. To gain access, users must sign up on the website and will be invited to join. Once accepted, users can seamlessly integrate the app into their online experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, like a VPN operating in the background, the tool provides real-time validation and a validity ranking for content.

"By fostering a culture of fact-checking and critical evaluation, VGLNT aims to drive positive change in the digital media landscape," added Mohammad Abu Sheikh. AI has become capable of creating believable misrepresentations that can shape someone's views and opinions. Deep fakes can be so convincing that even experts find it challenging to identify them. This has made the need for advanced fact-checking tools more critical than ever.

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