The First Trilingual Full Song Done And Released By Fadi Awad

 It was the time to prepare a unique new project for his Honorary Music Doctorate thesis. Everyone at “Proconwire Label” was wondering for weeks about what The Multi-Awards Winner and the Multi-Charted artist Fadi Awad could create as a new good idea and project for such a big occasion! And then, it was announced to the public after being registered officially and presented privately to the main parties: It’s a 3 tracks EP of a full original new song called “Smile”, that is made from three languages: English, French, and Arabic!!!... An outstanding successful new idea, especially that it’s so compatible with the new music styles!... The EP contains an original piece, a club version, an instrumental dub, and features the talented Donia Anis who performed very well the song in all its languages…         

The official release date of this project on all the platforms is on the 7th of July 2024… It’s labelled by “Proconwire” and distributed by “Label Worx”… And after that, Fadi Awad will earn the well-deserved Doctor’s Title in Music!

In his related interview on Z90 radio station, “Proconwire” manager Jimmy Hallowey confirmed his happiness and joy about this project and proceeded: “Fadi Awad has become officially the first artist who does a full song in 3 languages. He has done a lot to the label and added and still adding huge achievements to his portfolio. He has chosen to do this song because he spreads peace, love, happiness, positiveness, and motivation everywhere. As for choosing those languages, that’s because until now these are the only 3 languages that he knows fluently… We are all proud of him as he makes us proud every time in every project, in many ways… We invite everyone, everywhere, to support this new project the best they can!

Congratulations to Fadi Awad, who is proving again and again that a strong independent artist can do a lot of unexpected unique beautiful things and can reach far away in the world of music, wishing him the best in every way!     

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