Saudi driving influencer urges women to get behind the wheel

 Balqees, a pioneering Saudi female driving enthusiast, has not only embraced her passion for driving but has also become a significant advocate for women's empowerment on the road. Here are the key points from her journey:

  1. Early Passion for Driving:

    • Balqees developed a fascination for driving as a teenager, viewing it as both practical and adventurous.
  2. Advocacy for Women’s Empowerment:

    • Upon returning to Saudi Arabia after her studies abroad, Balqees recognized the need for more accessible and engaging driving education for women.
  3. Using Social Media for Advocacy:

    • Balqees leveraged TikTok to create educational content focused on safe driving practices and overcoming common obstacles on the road. Her account (@b9ths10) has gained nearly 600,000 followers, highlighting a strong demand for such content among women in the region.
  4. Content Creation and Impact:

    • Her videos are meticulously crafted and cover a range of topics related to driving skills, safety, and handling challenging situations on the road.
  5. Challenges and Resilience:

    • Despite facing skepticism and negativity, Balqees persisted in pursuing her passion and advocating for women’s rights to drive, ignoring detractors and staying true to her goals.
  6. Recognition and Influence:

    • Balqees’ dedication and impactful content have not only resonated with her audience but have also attracted attention from major brands, positioning her as a prominent voice in the community.
  7. Message of Empowerment:

    • Balqees encourages young women to invest in themselves and their learning experiences, emphasizing self-belief and determination as key to achieving their goals.

Balqees’ journey exemplifies the transformative power of determination and advocacy in empowering women to pursue their passions and drive positive change in society. Her story serves as an inspiration to women aspiring to break barriers and make meaningful contributions in traditionally male-dominated fields like driving and automotive advocacy.

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