Saudi Arabia falls to Jordan, ending 13-year World Cup qualification streak

 It's a significant development for Saudi Arabia's football team to suffer their first home World Cup qualifiers defeat in such a long time, especially considering their usual dominance in the region. While they finished second in the group and still advanced to the next round of qualifiers, losing to Jordan at home is a setback.

The match itself seems to have been a closely contested one, with both teams having their moments. Ali Lajami's goal gave hope to the Green Falcons early on, but Jordan's response and Noor Al-Rawabdeh's decisive strike before halftime turned the tide in their favor. The determined defense of the Jordanian team in the second half prevented Saudi Arabia from equalizing, securing the victory for Jordan.

This result also highlights the competitiveness of football in the region and the unpredictability of World Cup qualifiers. It will be interesting to see how both teams perform in the upcoming rounds as they continue their quest for World Cup qualification.

Noor Al-Rawabdeh’s powerful shot from outside the box before halftime was enough for Jordan to secure the victory at Al-Awwal Park. The Green Falcons' second-half pressure could not break through a determined Jordanian defense. The Jordanians completed their revenge after losing to the Green Falcons 2-0 in the first leg in November.

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