Luxury jewelry brands dazzle at Riyadh showcase

 Saudi International Luxury Week in Riyadh until May 9 is featuring a splendid array of fine jewelry from various renowned brands worldwide. This exclusive event is offering Saudi clientele a rare chance to acquire exquisite and sophisticated pieces.

Among the standout brands at the event is FerriFirenze, an Italian brand that has garnered significant acceptance among Saudi clients. Their unique jewelry pieces have captivated attendees with their elegance and craftsmanship.

House of GOL, a prestigious New York-based brand known for its colorful diamonds, has showcased a rare pink diamond at the event, drawing considerable attention. Anna Larsen, head of business development at House of GOL, has been engaging with clients in Saudi Arabia for several years, emphasizing the brand's commitment to providing high-end jewelry that reflects heritage and is cherished for generations.

Maitraya, an Indian brand specializing in Khaleeji and Saudi pearls, has also made a mark at the event. Led by Sanghvi Maitarya, the seventh-generation representative of his family business, Maitraya offers pure Gulf pearls that hold historical and cultural significance. Their involvement of clients in the jewelry creation process adds a personal touch and enhances the overall design experience.

Clea Nasr, ZAH's head of marketing, highlighted the collaborative efforts between House of GOL and ZAH creative hub, expressing support for local and international designers to drive exposure and growth in Saudi Arabia.

Overall, Saudi International Luxury Week has provided a platform for esteemed jewelry brands to showcase their finest creations and connect with discerning clients in the region, fostering appreciation for exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs.

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