Amsa Hospitality and Luxury Hotelschool Paris Sign Strategic Partnership for Hospitality Training Academy in Saudi Arabia

(left to right): Marinella Amato, Head of Development & Partnerships of Luxury Hotelschool Paris; Olivier Deveaud, Chief Executive Officer of Luxury Hotelschool Paris; Mohammad Alathel, Chief Executive Officer of Amsa Hospitality; Mohamad Mandili, Chief People Officer of Amsa Hospitality; Jean-Axel Pasdeloup, Director of Luxury Hotelschool Paris.

Paris/Riyadh, May 22, 2024 - Amsa Hospitality and Luxury Hotelschool Paris are proud to announce the signing of a strategic partnership for joint operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This collaboration marks a significant step in elevating education within the hospitality sector.

Under the new agreement, Luxury Hotelschool Paris will partner with Amsa Hospitality to review and certify training materials and conduct a “train the trainer” program across the Kingdom. This initiative is open to the entire hospitality sector and all interested hoteliers, extending beyond those employed at Amsa Hospitality.

Globally recognized for its excellence in teaching and pedagogy, Luxury Hotelschool Paris is endorsed by over 300 leading corporate partners and international chains. Vocational training programs meticulously validated by Luxury Hotelschool Paris will enable Saudi hotel employees to master the subtleties of customer relations and enhance the customer experience, encompassing both values and techniques.

Amsa Hospitality is a pioneering Saudi hospitality company aligned with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 and dedicated to integrating the rich, ancestral Arabian traditions of generosity and welcoming into the contemporary world. The organization's new subsidiary, Amsa Hospitality Academy, aims to equip Saudi hoteliers with the skills needed to excel in the hospitality sector.

Mohammad Alathel, Chief Executive Officer of Amsa Hospitality, said, "We are truly delighted to partner with such a world-renowned institution. The rigorous training programs of Luxury Hotelschool Paris will allow us at Amsa Hospitality to be proud of the service quality provided by our hotel employees. By forming a partnership with a high-end training entity, we are imparting high-end, luxury service standards to employees within the midscale hotel segment. This will have a significant impact on the quality of our service delivery and will refine the guest experience.”

Olivier Deveaud, Chief Executive Officer of Luxury Hotelschool Paris, said, "It is a privilege for us to have Amsa Hospitality's trust in our school's expertise. Our multicultural experience has gained international recognition for outstanding customer experience at high-end hotels. We are thoroughly committed to our partnership with Amsa Hospitality and are delighted to contribute to the growth of Saudi Arabia's hospitality industry."

The objective is to be able to train 100 people by the end of 2024, 300 more before the summer of 2025, and, on average, 500 people or more per year, ensuring a continuous elevation in service quality across Saudi Arabias hospitality industry.


Founded in 2020, Amsa Hospitality has pioneered as the first Saudi-born startup redefining the hospitality sector, with a special emphasis on Arabian hospitality. The companys mission is to smoothly integrate the rich, ancestral Arabian traditions of generosity and welcoming into the contemporary world. Collaborating with selected partners, Amsa Hospitality addresses the numerous opportunities and challenges facing today's hotel industry.

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Established over three decades ago and located in the heart of the Opera district, Luxury Hotelschool Paris is the premier international institution exclusively dedicated to luxury hotel management training, specializing in 5-star and luxury hotels. Committed to excellence, innovation, and hands-on learning, Luxury Hotelschool Paris is the top choice for aspiring luxury hotel professionals. The school also offers tailored professional training for industry professionals, focusing on emerging customer relations trends and optimizing the customer journey. Luxury Hotelschool Paris is internationally recognized, with over 300 partners including top luxury hotels, boutique hotels, resorts, and international groups.

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