Malaysia reports increase in requests to restrict social media content

Malaysia has called on Meta, the operator of Facebook, and TikTok to enhance their monitoring efforts on their platforms, citing a significant rise in harmful social media content reported this year. According to a joint statement by the communications regulator and Malaysian police, the government referred 51,638 cases to social media platforms in the first quarter of 2024, compared to 42,904 cases for the entire previous year.

Although the specific types of reported content were not detailed, the focus is on limiting the dissemination of harmful online content, particularly related to sensitive topics such as race, religion, and royalty. The authorities also urged Meta and TikTok to address content associated with coordinated inauthentic behavior, financial scams, and illegal online gambling.

In Malaysia, issues related to race, religion, and the monarchy are sensitive due to its diverse ethnic composition and existing laws against seditious remarks or insults towards the monarchy. The government's increased scrutiny of online content comes amid accusations of infringing on free speech, which it denies, emphasizing the need to safeguard users from online risks.

Data from last year indicated that Meta and TikTok took action to restrict numerous social media posts and accounts in response to government requests, highlighting the ongoing efforts to manage online content in Malaysia.

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