Indonesia denies reports of recognizing Israel, vows to stay at forefront defending Palestine

 Jakarta has refuted reports from Israeli media about plans to establish diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv. These reports suggested that such a move was part of a deal to facilitate Indonesia's entry into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Indonesia, the first Southeast Asian nation to seek OECD membership, began accession talks in February. However, according to local Israeli media, Tel Aviv raised objections due to the absence of diplomatic ties with Jakarta. Membership in the OECD requires unanimous approval from all 38 member countries, including Israel.

Israeli media reports, citing anonymous sources, alleged that Indonesia had initiated talks brokered by the OECD with Israel. The supposed agreement involved Israel recognizing Indonesia in exchange for Indonesia's OECD membership.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dismissed these claims. Spokesperson Lalu Muhamad Iqbal stated, "There are no plans to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, particularly in light of Israel's actions in Gaza." He reaffirmed Indonesia's consistent support for Palestinian independence within a two-state solution framework.

Indonesia has been a vocal advocate for Palestine, condemning Israeli occupation and advocating for international accountability for Israeli actions. The country has called for an end to military support and weapons sales to Israel, particularly following Israel's deadly invasion of Gaza, which has resulted in significant casualties and destruction.

Public sentiment in Indonesia strongly supports Palestinian independence, viewing it as aligned with constitutional principles opposing colonialism. Political analysts warn that recognizing Israel would be politically damaging, leading to loss of public trust and legitimacy.

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