Hollywood Arab Film Festival: Showcasing Arab cinema in Los Angeles

The event, which continued until April 21, attracted a host of celebrity guests, including Egyptian producer and screenwriter Mohamed Hefzy, Tunisian actor Dhaffer L’Abidine, renowned Egyptian star Elham Shahin, and Egyptian producer Tarek El-Ganainy.

During the event, Hefzy emphasized the importance of providing a platform for Arab cinema to share stories reflecting the region's identity, hopes, dreams, and social issues. He highlighted that the films showcased at the event are more relevant than ever in today's context.

One of the films featured at the event was Hefzy’s "Hajjan," a Saudi Arabia-based film directed by Egyptian filmmaker Abu Bakr Shawky. Hefzy described the film as portraying the story of a young boy who forms a special bond with his camel and is compelled to become a camel jockey following a life-changing event involving his brother.

"Hajjan" is a collaborative effort between Saudi Arabia's King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) and Hefzy’s Film Clinic. Hefzy emphasized the enriching experience of working with Saudi talents, actors, and filmmakers, highlighting the cultural exchange that took place during the production.

The festival showcased cinema from various Arab countries, featuring films from 16 different nations, including six feature films, ten short films, and six student films. The five-day event offered attendees a dynamic experience, including red-carpet events, panel discussions on filmmaking and diversity in Hollywood, and screenings of notable films.

Several filmmakers at the festival praised the growing film industry in Saudi Arabia. L’Abidine, the writer and director of “To My Son,” expressed his excitement about returning with his second feature film and commended the evolution of Saudi cinema in recent years.

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