How Turki Alalshikh turned Saudi Arabia into the boxing capital of the world

 Saudi Arabia is once again making waves in sports and entertainment, this time by forging a strong association with world-class boxing. A recent detailed piece by Oli Gabb, the sports editor of London-based Daily Mail, shed light on this new development. Gabb's profile extensively covered the initiatives and successes spearheaded by Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA) under the leadership of its chairman, Turki bin Abdulmohsen Alalshikh, who orchestrated a series of boxing and sporting events as part of the grand 'Riyadh Season 2023' festival.

Gabb noted, "Whether you're a fan of Saudi Arabia's burgeoning boxing scene or not, the infusion of investment from the Middle East has significantly altered the landscape of this sport." He attributed much of this transformation to one individual, stating, "Behind the marquee fights like 'Battle of the Baddest,' 'Day of Reckoning,' and 'Ring of Fire' is Turki bin Abdulmohsen Alalshikh."

Further elaborating on Alalshikh's contributions, Gabb highlighted the promotional extravagance akin to Hollywood productions, substantial winning bonuses for boxers, and Alalshikh's pivotal role in overseeing major sporting events within the Kingdom. Gabb praised Saudi Arabia for achieving what many others failed to due to obstacles like egos and complicated negotiations.

Alalshikh's personal involvement and strategic approach have successfully attracted renowned stars such as Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Francis Ngannou to Saudi Arabia, earning him praise from athletes and industry observers alike. The article emphasized that Alalshikh's intervention often streamlines negotiations that are typically hindered by numerous intermediaries in the boxing world.

An illustrative example provided in the report was the reconciliation between rival promoters Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren, who previously had no communication. Alalshikh's initiative brought them together as organizers during the Riyadh Season's Joshua vs. Ngannou fight, fostering collaboration and even sparking discussions about matchups between their respective fighters. Alalshikh proposed a "5 vs 5" card featuring top fighters from Hearn's Matchroom team and Warren's Queensberry team, settling debates and enhancing cooperation within the b

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