Saudi Arabia’s senior negotiator Shasly is absent from climate talks in Bonn


RIYADH: Ayman Shasly, Saudi Arabia’s senior climate negotiator and former Aramco employee, is absent from interim climate talks in Bonn, according to Climate Home News.

Shasly has been serving as the chair of the Arab Group Climate Change Negotiation at Saudi Energy Ministry since January 2012, according to his LinkedIn profile. 

In his absence, Albara Tawfiq, who is an international policy adviser at the Energy Ministry and policy adviser at Saudi Aramco, will be chairing the Arab group’s meetings, Climate Home News reported. 

“We don’t have a clear direction of the chairmanship of the group,” Tawfiq told Climate Home News.

He added that his role as chair was “not yet officially permanent.”

The report said Climate Home News was awaiting Shasly and Saudi Energy Ministry’s comment.

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