Where We Are Going Today: Babkati

When we shop for groceries in the supermarket, we might pick up a different kind of bread to add some variety to our eating routine. 

Babkati, a Saudi homemade food business inspired by a famous Polish bakery, specializes in offering babka bread that will bring new flavors to your bread eating habits. 

Babka is believed to have originated from Italy and was brought to Poland by Queen Bona Sforza in the 16th century. It has the special texture of a bread-cake hybrid. 

What makes babka special is its carefully twisted braided shape, where you can see the contrasting lines between the cut clean dough and the filling. The fluffy and almost cloudy layered texture is achieved with plenty of butter, which one of the main ingredients. It is recommended to be microwaved for 10 seconds before eating to enjoy it while it’s warm. 

Babkati introduces babka in two sizes, large and mini. Babka is an iconic long bread loaf that can be sweet or savory. It is available in eight flavors that satisfy all tastes: Cinnamon, apple, Nutella, pecan, halva, garlic, feta cheese and olives, and, of course, za’atar. 
Their signatures consist of mixing many flavors including herbs and olives for savory breads and halva and pecans for sweet babka. 
These dishes are created to be shared with family and friends to bring in the joy of freshly baked goodies. 
Babka can be enjoyed at all times as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea, and is also suitable for breakfast. 
If you have early morning breakfast plans in the office or with friends, they offer a box of eight delicious mini babka buns of your choice. 
Babkati follows the authentic Polish babka recipe to bring you the most delicious babka you can try in Jeddah. 

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