Pocketdoc launches drug interaction check

Moroccan health technology startup Pocketdoc is launching a new version of its application.

It integrates the verification of drug interactions based on medical data from Morocco and France. As a reminder, the tool is intended for health professionals. The latter have the possibility to obtain clinical feedback in the collaborative space. The application also facilitates the sharing of knowledge and experiences with other practitioners in Africa. Based on the fact that "taking several drugs at the same time can alter their effectiveness and toxicity", the developers set out to integrate a verification system in this very subject.

"Indeed, one of the drugs can oppose the action of another or modify the way the latter is absorbed and eliminated by the body. If one drug interferes with the absorption or action of another, the latter may not be effective. Conversely, if its elimination is slowed or its effect is amplified, signs of toxicity may appear," they rightly explain.

Available on App Store, Google Play and App Gallery, with over 50,000 users, Pocketdoc becomes, right away, the first health startup in Africa to offer the option to check drug interactions.

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